Can I buy one of these clocks?

No. Besides the potential legal issues of selling something so closely related to JK Rowling's books, I don't think I could make something affordable that had the kind of quality I tried to build into this. At some point, I might be open to the idea of selling kits to build your own movement. This was the most difficult part and required a CNC machine.

What's with "Minnesota and Texas?"

I built the clock for my kids. My parents are in Minnesota and my In-laws are from Texas, so we spend a lot of time traveling to those destinations.

Can't this clock be used for nefarious purposes like spying on your kids?

I'm a parent. It's my job to know where my kids are. When they're big enough to have some privacy about their location, they can just stop reporting their location in their Twitter feed.

Can't someone use the clock to tell when you're not home and then break in?

Uhh, no. They would have to break in to read the clock.

Why don't you do something smarter than Twitter like Google Latitude?

I want to. I've noted that on the Future Improvements page as a goal. At the moment, I don't have the right kind of phone for testing this?