The HandsThe hands were designed in Qcad and cut from K&S brass flat stock on the CNC machine. You can click on each image for an enhanced view.1. My CNC machine, a home-built Joe's 2006, isn't designed for cutting metal, nor do I have the right tooling, but I was able to get it done by going slow. Even so, the cut hands were pretty rough and took quite a bit of time with a file and sandpaper to clean up. 2. The center hole was drilled just under-size for the shaft that it would be connected to. I wanted a tight fit and did the final fitting by hand with a file. During final assembly, I used a drop of lock-tite on each one.3. After all the manual work, the important thing was to get the hands as flat as possible. When I was satisfied, I painted them black.

Putting on the Finishing Touches1. I had some good family pictures that were already black and white. I scaled the pictures in Gimp and had them printed on high quality paper.2. I cut out the pictures and mounted the pictures to the back surface.

3. I had to ink the edges of the paper with a sharpie to keep the white from showing.

The Hand Template